We all seek freedom from patterns and expansion of consciousness.

Each day of our retreat was thought out with great care and we guarantee that a new world will open up before your eyes. Come with us on this amazing trip.


The design of the retreat is loaded with a lot of history and particular experiences. Places, rituals and stories are inexhaustible sources of spirituality and ancestry.

Jamile Abdallah, who experienced many things with the shaman Sthan Xanniã, needed to share with the world everything that happened, felt and changed in each trip to Mexico.

Impressed by the sensitivity of the shaman and willing to be part of a milestone in the lives of people who seek this metamorphosis, together and in partnership with the Mayan abuelos, they designed this retreat that will change their lives once and for all. During the journey, there will also be the conception of a documentary narrating the journey of the shaman and the people who want to participate.


Come and be part of this revival.

For whom

If you want to grow, understand how your mind is able to become your cure, connect with your ancestors and learn to be who you are without guilt or fear, this retreat is for you. We guarantee that you will not return as the same person and enter a deep intimate reform.

Being in a retreat with Sthan Xanniã made me get in touch with my fears and heal them in an intense and purifying way. Today I am who I am and I understand myself deeply.

Tati Balboa

Sthan made me see and understand how many possibilities there are in the here and now and how we can use this information to share with people and grow together.

Jamile Abdallah

Experiencing sacred medicines with Sthan gave me absurd self-knowledge and I was able to heal and understand several issues that prevented me from living fully.

Isabella Brazioli

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A spiritual journey through Mexico

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