Our proposal is a transformation in 10 days, using sacred medicines.

Access places and feelings that you didn't even know existed.

You can download the detailed script here.

Day 1

Silence, observe, open yourself to listening.


What did I come here to do?

What does my soul seek?

What deep longing moves me?

Who am I?


Empty yourself of any judgment, of wanting to control everything and feel safe.


The warrior lives in vulnerability. He is always aware of the wave of life and is present in the choice of particles he wants to observe and, in this way, weaves his reality. Control takes us out of the present, takes us away, sabotages listening.

We came in peace and silence is the gateway to the secrets of creation.


It is the day that we arrive and we will feel the places, the airs, the people and connect with our integrity and wholeness.

Day 2

In the Mayan city of Chichen Itza, where the pyramid is located, we will allow ourselves and ask for permission so that in this place of great energy we can silence our minds and enjoy the experience for an internal dive. Deciphering every detail of ourselves that afflicts, constrains and limits us.


Understanding in our body what music we are playing, what notes are dissonant.

You are the Magician of your life, the Shaman is the instrument that plays the music to remind you of all your existing magic, but it is up to you to enjoy the wave.

You choose.

Then we will dive into the depth of the Balankache cave to the sound of the maraca and the ancient songs that bring the opening frequency of this place full of energy and available to all of us.

Day 3

On our third day, we will visit Ek Balam, a recently found archaeological place.

We will swim in the cenote waters.


We can take everything. Being in a place like this and participating in meditations to the sound of the drum, the maraca, singing and opening the possibility to change the DNA, to return the original music of your body, to clean memories and loads of living energies within you.

You will then have the possibility to reset all types of information that are limiting you or creating diseases in your body.


This will bring rejuvenation, because what we think of ourselves, why we blame ourselves or what makes us angry, alters our natural biochemistry (health, joy, love, conscience, etc.).


This experience will make us know how to feed our body with the best to live a long healthy life.

Day 4

Izamal, a Magic Place.

This Franciscan convent was built in 1553 on top of Pap-Hol-Chac (House of Thunder), which was the tallest pre-Columbian pyramid in the city.

In Mexico, almost all Churches and Convents are on top of a pyramid. When we arrive at this place, we are entering deep layers of our history.


There are many archaeological evidence telling us a story very different from the official story - which makes us realize the energetic power that has a place like this and, more than that, that we can use this energy for our evolution and improvement in any area of ​​our life.

Day 5

Hidden in the middle of the jungle 45 minutes from Tulum, Cobá has the highest pyramid in the north of the Yucatán Peninsula.

What does it add to our life to be in such a place and receive these therapies?

Shamanism always says that to return to the place where we came from is to find our cure. Returning to places like this in Mexico, where the true story of man's creation is, brings us closer to our ancestral stories.

And the purpose of the day is to slow down our frequency and travel through time more easily by building the past, present and future at the same time.

Day 6

We will spend the day at the Santa Clara ranch to live the experience of being in contact with the Mayan jungle. We will have a temazcal which is an ancient bath of volcanic stones that is used to purify the body and connect with the spirit.


The information is not in linear time and the sound of the Drum will make you travel through various possibilities to access the information you need.

​With each new data that we access in the greatest wisdom, we change and raise our level of consciousness. With the help of the power plants and their intent during the ceremonies, understanding this new information becomes a process increasingly accessible to your mind.


When we enter the frequency of the plant, the pure frequency of nature, we expand our perception to something that is out of the ordinary.

The important thing is to allow yourself to feel, let your healing happen and forget the fears that have been placed in your mind through the layers we wear so that we can walk “without getting hurt” in this world.

Day 7

Holbox Island - Mexico's best treasure.

It is a small piece of paradise hidden in magical Mexico, located in the northern tip of the state of Quintana Roo, in the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas. Within the Yum Balam Nature Reserve.

Holbox is the place to be in touch with nature.

There is the Yalahau freshwater spring, which contains numerous legends. The Maya said that its waters are medicinal and the source of eternal youth. It is also possible to visit Ilha da Paixão and Ilha dos Pássaros or Isla Morena, which are very important natural sanctuaries for several species of migratory birds.

Day 8

On our eighth day, we will enjoy a speedboat ride in the wonderful nature reserve Yum Balam, which in May means "LORD JAGUAR".

Yum Balam was declared a Nature and Flora Reserve in 1994, at the initiative of the Mayan population. In the mid-1800s, Holbox and Chiquila continued to be a haven for all those who ran and sought refuge from the "Breed Wars", making this territory basically virgin, with a very, but very small population, in the late 1900s, transforming it o in this natural paradise.

It currently brings together several groups and Mayan villages.

Days 9 and 10

Our retreat is coming to an end and we will have a Satsanga with Shaman Sthan Xanniã so that we can finish all the work done during these days.

Your discovery will not end here, our retreat was just the beginning of a blossoming of new possibilities in your life.

On the 9th, we will have the afternoon free and on the 10th, after breakfast, we will take the transfer from Holbox Island to the airport.


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A spiritual journey through Mexico

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