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Sthan Xannia

Human Being, Vision Seek Leader for over 25 years, Head of NAC do Fogo Sacred Itachilatlan do Brasil SP, Medicine Man, Sun Dancer and Spirit Dance, Chanupa Charger, Drum Man, Master of Songs and Ceremonial Instruments, Temazcaleiro, Leader of Sacred Plant Amerindian Ceremonies, Member of the Council of Sacred Knowledge of the Eagle and Condor and FSI Alliance, Native Curator, Systemic and Transpersonal Therapist trained in DNA activation, Biogenetics, Native Body Therapist, Reikian, Trainee in Floral Therapy in various systems for over 20 years, Ayurvedic Caregiver, Renaissance and Holotropic Breathwork, Herbeiro and Phyto therapist, Crystal therapy with specialty and Crystal Elixir, Graduated in Occult Anatomy and Chakra System, Quantum Therapist, NLP, Music Therapist , Aroma therapist, Pioneer in the introduction of Native Shamanism in Brazil by the introduction of open Ceremonies of Power Plants, Circle of Chants, Drummaking , Native Therapeutic Touch, University Speaker, Conductor of Training Courses and Workshop around the World, recognized as a Visionary of the Red Path being the one with heart and Trainer of Human Potential.

He has been carrying out the Vision Search Ceremony, Power Walks in Spiritual Retreats in Aiuruoca in the Matutu Valley in Minas Gerais for more than 25 years.


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Abuelos Mayas Tina e Marcos

Marcos Canche and Faustina Sabido are part of native Mayan peoples. They accompany ceremonies and retreats bringing ancestral wisdom from their people, as well as leading people through the village and showing the way of life they lead. Owners of a traditional family with 32 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, they are the pure medicine of love and wisdom. It is an honor to have you as participants and also conducting teaching within the Medicine of the Waters.

Judith Fernandez

Judith studied Mayan culture for 20 years with archaeologist Luis Aveleyea. During this period, he organized retreats in Mundo Maya on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. He has been working with tourism for over 30 years. She was a Founding Partner of the Hotel Association of Quintana Roo. In Rancho Santa Clara de las Hadas, workshops on Mayan medicinal plants have been held for 9 years. At hers Casa Quetzal hotel, there are yoga meditation classes. At Quetzal Spa, holistic therapies are offered with healers from Mexico, Brazil and Peru.


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Jamile Abdallah


Someone's destiny is never a place, but a new way of looking at things. (Henry Miller)

Documentary filmmaker and tantric therapist, Jamile is a producer of new imagery on her Pandora Box Connection channel. She is the creator of Medicina das Águas. Its aim is to bring to the visual format all the ancient knowledge of these cultures where ancestry is transmitted orally and thus access the magic to know yourself provokes.

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