Amazing activities we will do during the days of the retreat.


Meditating transforms.


Meditation with the snoring of the drum, where the shaman helps us to find our pulse and makes all hearts beat together, is an overwhelming experience. And it is not for nothing that we will open our works uniting meditation, drum and heart.

Our intention here is to open your inner listening and see that life pulsates within you in the here and now. Meditation is not just silence, it is also the ability to listen and be silent, showing that you are capable of both.

Within the work of Medicina das Águas, the transformation of your mind into medicine is our greatest joy.

Reconnection with ancestors

The connection to our past exists independently of our will. We are the result of thousands of years of events, of people who are in our cells, incorporated. Part of every food that ever existed on earth.

We are the result of temperature and humidity, of the people who came together, of the people who were born before and who died. The whole story is in us and in our cellular memory.

It is through this connection that we heal immemorial wounds, transform negative inheritances and free our soul and mind to live what is reserved for each one of us.

Visit to sacred places

Knowing or revisiting sacred places connect us to people and stories that cannot be measured.

The experience of harnessing the energy of each of these places and making each one of them opportunities for self-knowledge and openness to the sacred is one of our purposes.

Knowing pyramids and caves, we will connect with the ancient and ancestral peoples who were honoring this land before us. We are all handfuls lived in various times and nations and surely the Maya are part of us.

Let us nurture this divine connection and rejoice in being who we are.

Healing Wheel

In order to make contact with the spirit world, guided by the master shamans, we need to be in a circle around a source of fire.


Thus, the four elements (fire, earth, water and air) will come into harmony to bring about the connection between the planes.

On the wheels, we will have sacred songs, medicines from the forest, meditations, studies and conversations that will clarify our steps and give us resources to live this one here and now with profound plenitude.

Sacred Medicines

The use of sacred plants and healing instruments that nature provides us are present.

It is very important that we value the culture and existing traditional and ancestral natural medicines and, rescue their history and preservation, keeping all this knowledge that is in danger of disappearing in the middle of trivialization of values and everything that is simple and natural, that we live today.

At Medicina das Águas, we will work with herbs and go in search of cleaning the energy fields and connecting with the ancient wisdoms.


Being back in the womb of the great mother is a unique experience of cleansing and welcoming.

In addition to working with medicines from the forest, we will have a beautiful curative temazcal to remove all the layers that no longer serve us.

We are going to change skin like the wise snakes, let go of what no longer serves us and live this medicine, which is the oldest purification ritual recorded in human history.

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A spiritual journey through Mexico

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